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Micropigmentation, known as Permanent Make-Up, is a non-surgical procedure where Hypo-Allergenic pigments are carefully applied just under the upper epidermal layer of the skin.


The pigments are made of Iron Oxide that is specially made to be applied in to the facial skin. Iron Oxide is a base of all make-up, but with Permanent Pigments there are no 

What is Permanent Make-up?

fragrances, emollients, or other ingredients added. A topical anesthetic is applied to reduce discomfort and promote relaxation. After a minor healing process, make up will not smudge, smear or run. The colors are custom blended to work with your skin tone, eye and hair color, and to give a soft and natural appearance.Micropigmentation can also be used to re-pigment areas that have experienced discoloration due to aging, disease or injury. Permanent Make-Up is for those that want more free time and less hassle with applying make-up every morning.





Derma Couture Permanent Cosmetic Clinic & Training Center is operated by Hiyan a Board Certified Permanent Make-Up Artist, Educator and Examiner, who has been in this industry as one of the pioneers. 





Derma Couture Permanent Cosmetics Clinic operates under hygienic conditions. Each client receives a new pigment and application probe which deposits the pigment in to the skin with disposable needles. We follow recommendations from the Center of Disease Control, by utilizing sterilization and sanitation methods to protect your health and safety.





The sensation of microimplantation can differ from one client to the next.  We use topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort to accommodate each person's level of sensitivity.




First: Hiyan will design an appropriate base to reflect your personal characteristics, body proportions and facial features.

Second: You will then choose from a selection of custom-made colors that suit your personality.

Third: Upon final approval of the style and color you have selected, we

will proceed with the application process with Micro-Implanting device

Darkening and increasing pigment application after the initial procedure can always be applied at the traditional 6 week re-check touch-up session.





Consultation is Free and is required prior to your initial procedure. Our fees vary depending on the procedure selected and type and condition of the skin. Payment in full is due at the time of

your first appointment for treatment.



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