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Unparalleled Education


Permanent Make-up

Training Curriculum:


With over 25 years of micropigmentation extened training experience, Hiyan Bitar brings both, extraordinary permanent make-up application and unparalled teaching practices to the State of New Jersey.  While many schools teach using primarily demonstrative techniques, Derma Couture ends up re-teaching many of these individuals using hands on experience in a supervised and professional environment.

Derma Couture is recognized as a top training institute for its innovative and leading edge technology in permanent makeup proceedures.

            Clinic and Training Center


* Enjoy the financial freedom for a lucrative career.

* Gain Personal Satisfaction by enhancing lives of others

* Gain respect in your community as a Permanent Micropigmentation


* Provides the experience for you to work in Doctors Clinics and Hospitals

* Work for yourself and have your own clinic and be famous.

* Join most the prestigious Permanent Make-Up

organizations: AAM & SPCP




* Classes start every Monday of the week.

* 100 - hour intensive course (35 at home study &

   65 hands-on class)

* Introduction to cosmetic Tattooing

* Study of skin & skin disorder

* Sanitation & Sterilization

* Consultation

* Using of PM machines & needles

* Pigments & supplies

* Application of topical anesthetics

* Color theory & application

* Client preparation

* Practice procedures

* Before & after care procedures

* Hands on live models










1- 100 hr Training Certificate

2- AAM Certification

3- Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate

4- Eligibility to be a member in AAM & SPCP




Our Advanced Training Sessions feature advanced techniques in using your equipment and pigments in applying  the following procedures:

1) Microblading

2) Areola 

3) Hair Follicle Replication. 


The above training sessions are for those practitioners of Permanent Make-up who finished their basic training and certified to work as Permanent Make-up artists in their locations.


Cost and durations:


Please call for your appointment for setting the appropriate dates and time, and to discuss the cost based on the chosen course.



Trainee Will Receive Upon Graduation
Advanced Training Classes

Classes start every Monday of the Week.

For Registration call in  to find out which week is available according to School Schedule. 

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