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Hiyan is truly an artist at her craft.  She corrected my eyebrows - one was higher than the other - and drew perfect lines for my permanent eyeliner.  She picked the correct colors for my face and my eyes and eyebrows look fantastic!  Hiyan really took time and studied my face to give me the most perfect eyebrows!


My suggestion to anyone considering permanent makeup is to trust Hiyan's advice.  She helped me select which procedures to get and the colors to use and after the initial treatment and follow-up procedures, I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Hiyan is a special person who takes pride in her work.  She spends time with you, talks about your lifestyle and will apply permanent makeup to match your life.  You won’t regret getting the procedure and will enjoy new found confidence in your new look.


I highly recommend Hiyan.






I was very happy with Hiyan, the instructor at Derma Couture Permanent Cosmetic Training Center.  I took a two-day refresher course from her and I learned a great deal.


Previously I took a full class with another known instructor, but I was not happy with her way of teaching and application.


Hiyan showed me more and better techniques in permanent make-up that I did not know and I got the real information and techniques that improved my knowledge and that has me quite assured in my profession.






I have been living with sparse eyebrows for years. I have spent hundreds of dollars on eyebrow pencils.  My eyebrows were always sweating off, and needed to be re-applied several times a day.  I went for many consultations with different people and wasn't happy or comfortable.


Getting permanent makeup done was a big decision for me.  I don't have any tattoos on my body.


Hiyan made me feel very comfortable from the start.  She took her time and was detail oriented.


Since I got my eyebrows done my self-esteem has gone up and I am not self conscious anymore.  I don't give my eyebrows a second thought.


Hiyan changed my life and I highly recommend her.






I really don't know where to begin.  For the past 8 years my eyebrows have gotten progressively sparser, and in the last year, there have been areas where hair is non-existent.


I’ve tried numerous eyebrow pencils, stencils, brushes, etc.  All I have to show for that is a make-up case full of products that don't work and a lot of wasted money.


I'd apply eyebrow products in the morning - which took extra time in an already hectic morning - not to mention increasing difficulty with my aging eyesight.  During the day I would smudge or drip if it was warm. I was always self-conscious wondering if it had worn off of one or both eyes.


I had inquired about permanent make-up at my hair salon and my nail salon.  It really interested me, but I am very conservative.  I was worried, "what if it didn't turn out right?"


Well I'm happy - actually thrilled to tell to you. I decided to "go for it!”  Two weeks ago I had permanent make-up applied to my eyebrows.  I love it!  Even my family noticed and commented on how much younger I look and that my eyes seem larger.


                   Hiyan is a fantastic cosmetic artist.  She has a very relaxing studio.  She mixes many shadows 

                   to make sure she chooses just the right ones.  I can't say enough wonderful things                

                   about Hiyan.  She is a very talented woman and I would recommend her to anyone.






Thanks for the beautiful job you did on my permanent make-up.  Since I broke my right wrist and arm in 6 places, one of the surgeries I had was the placement of a plate and screws.  The plate is in my wrist and it does not bend, so it is impossible for to apply makeup....I had no choice but to get permanent make up. 


I did a lot of research on the Internet and also researched the credentials.  Yours impressed me.  I am so happy with my makeup and am so sorry that I did not do it sooner!  It saves me so much time and it is always perfect-- no more struggles trying to get both brows and eyeliner to match!  Again, you were terrific and I am so pleased!


Warmest regards,





I wasn’t sure what to expect but Hiyan far exceeded my expectations.  The first time I came I didn't give an accurate description of what I wanted and Hiyan gladly changed direction and ensured that I was completely satisfied.  She is a kind and talented person.


I wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and it is such a great feeling to never have to worry about eyeliner and if it looks good or if it's even, etc.  It is always perfect.


Thanks Hiyan!







I came in today for my eyebrow touchup.  I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my eyebrows.  I no longer need to waste time in the morning to draw my eyebrows.  Hiyan is very patient and very professional. 


I will recommend Hiyan to my friends for their permanent make-up.  I am now thinking about doing my eyeliner.


I am very happy with my results and I will be coming back.


I am so happy that I met Hiyan.






I was very pleased with the Derma Couture Permanent Cosmetics Clinic.  Hiyan enhanced my eyebrows (they were almost non-existent) and now I have eyebrows again!  The best thing is that they look very natural, just like my own looked like before they started to dissapear. 


All I can say is thank you!  When I wake up in the morning, I have eyebrows and there is no need to paint them in.






Since I am a perfectionist, I always reserch the cedentials of the people I am going to hire.  Hiyan Bitar is a certified, experienced, and educated individual in the field of permanent cosmetics.  As far as I'm concerned this is the most important thing I can say about her.  I went to Hiyan for both upper and lower eyeliner. 


Initially, I requested a consultation with her before any work was done.  Hiyan willingly scheduled an appointment with me.  We discussed what I was looking for and if my vision would complement my face.  Hiyan was totally honest and upfront about the total cost based on the complexity of the procedure. 


In addition, her facility is spotless.  Her work is done in a sterile environment and it is obvious she adheres to all sanitary codes. I saw Hiyan for 2 more follow up sessions and every time entered an immaculate area.


When th procedure was completed I was thrilled.  Her work is flawless and she knows what will look appealing based in any individual's personal features.  Hiyan also has a great personality and makes you feel comfortable, safe and at ease while she works with you.  Her primary concern is the client's comfort and well-being throughout the procedure. 


I would highly recommend Derma Couture. If you are looking to get any kind of permanent make-up, Hiyan is an ethical, responsible, friendly and skilled woman who can be trusted to do an excellent job with such a delicate permanent procedure.


I am extremely happy with the results and I highly recommend her.






I had permanent eyeliner done once before it did not last for 6 months.  Derma Couture Permanent Cosmetics was done by a professional person and the results were fabulous!  My eyeliner is beautiful and many complements were given to me.


I would highly recommend this place to everyone.  Many people have seen my results and are going to have the procedure done.  The time and procedures were precise, no mistakes, and a follow up visit is done to make sure you are happy.  Personal care demonstrated with such a warm person.






I was so tired of putting eyeliner on that I decided to get permanent eyeliner.  It looks so nice and it is nice to get out of the water and not have to put eyeliner on.  It looks beautiful and I love it!






I am very happy with my permanent makeup outcome.  Hiyan is the nicest person that anyone as sensible as me can get.  She really helped through the process.  If it wasnt for her help, I dont think I would've gotten my procedure.


I am really happy to have found Hiyan.  I really think she is the best in this profession!






I am thrilled at the results I received after visiting Derma Couture Permanent Make-Up Clinic and Training Center. I was a little nervousat first.  After all, having something permanently altered on your face could either be fabulous or a tragedy.


Hiyan immediately made me feel comfortable and trusting.  She spent a great deal of time with me drawing sample shapes and testing colors, not stopping until she was positive of the right shape and color for my face.  I must say, she truly educated me on the correct eyebrow dimensions in proportion to my face (all these years I have been drawing the wrong shape).


The application process was a "walk in the park".  Hiyan stopped several times to sit me up and take measurements and inspect her work.  There was nothing rushed about the process and it was done professionally in a pristine environment by a very friendly and thorough woman.


I am so pleased with the process and results that I will soon be taking Hiyan's training class so that I may one day walk in her footsteps.


​Thanks Hiyan!





Hiyan is a true expert for permanent cosmetic; I can't say enough about the quality of her permanent cosmetic makeup (I asked for the "cat eye" eyeliner).


I researched all the different establishments that perform permanent cosmetic to find the best professional to tattoo around my eyes. After reading online about Hiyan's expertise, credentials (over 25 years), history and recognitions (certified trainer and examiner to other businesses), and comparing the customers review, I did not trust anyone else but her with my eyes. She does it right the first time, every time.

Thank you so much Hiyan, you are truly the best! Marjo


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